BAL C40 Series

With many residential areas currently designated as having a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Rating, Rylock have developed a cost-effective series of windows & glass doors which comply to the stringent requirements of BAL C40.


Each BAL C40 Series product type has been tested by CSIRO for compliance. Testing was undertaken using the largest - "C" type - crib to ensure the most arduous compliance has been met. Hence, Rylock's BAL C40 Series.

All BAL C40 products are only available as double glazed. Beyond the BAL C40 test benefits, double glazing naturally improves thermal comfort & assists with mandated Energy Efficiency requirements. Certain components are specific to this series of products due to their performance. For windows, any opening will be screened with stainless steel mesh which is fitted to fully-extruded frames. Written certification can be supplied on request.