Counter-Balanced Double-Hung

Rylock’s counter balanced double-hung window is the result of significant investment in design & testing. From a precise specification another high performance window has evolved within Rylock’s AA Series.

Counter balanced double-hung windows offer unparalled ventilation. With top & bottom sashes operating simultaneously, warm air moves through the upper opening while cooler air travels below. Rylock’s new double-hung window has the sashes suspended with heavy-duty, engineered rope - pre-stretched by the manufacturer. In turn, the rope runs through custom pulley assemblies. These have been designed around a sealed roller bearing for ease-of-use & durability gains. To ensure that the practice matched the theory, we cyclically tested a prototype to simulate decades of use, after which the operation was still silky smooth.

With no hinged sash to take up valuable space, double hung windows are ideal for walkways as well as compact living zones. In multi-storey residences, cleaning access is made easier through the multiple openings. The sashes of the new double-hung window can accept a double glazing panel up to 22mm thick, ensuring the sort of energy efficiency expected of Rylock products.

Aesthetically, this counter balanced double-hung window fits neatly alongside Rylock hinged window products. The sashes are shielded within the frame, which makes the most of the viewable space. This layout also helps with the window performance, which has been WERS tested, & is also rated for air-conditioned buildings.

For product features & indicative sizing, please download the brochure below, whilst technical drawings are also available for download.